Framed – a children’s advenure, unstuck from time.

Framed – a children’s advenure, unstuck from time.

February 15, 2018 Blog 0

Framed – an adventure unstuck from time

While we’re known for our wonderful picture books, we’ve always been interested in bringing out other forms of Children’s literature. That’s why it is with great pleasure that we present you our brand new title ‘Framed’ by Margrit Dahm. A novella that brings to mind classic stories for children with a modern approach to both difficult subjects and storytelling; marrying the narrative of a novella with moments of poetry.

What is Framed?

Framed follows Cathy and Jake, two young children living in Victorian London with there Grandmother, who they refer to as Granny Green Eyes, alongside Charlotte, a close friend who helps out where she can. One day a mysterious man by the name of Mr. Woodfine comes to visit Granny, his sinister attitude doesn’t sit well with Cathy and Jake who challenge and anger the man, revealing him to be a magician, who then traps them in a painting in the very house! With a knowledge of what’s really going on Granny Green Eyes sends the painting away with her own magic.


The painting arrives with Dr. Owen Fairwood; a therapist, moving his office into his home, when he finds the painting, which he’s never seen before. Enamoured with the new artwork, he decides to take it with him. Now at Dr. Fairwood’s home, Cathy and Jake find themselves hung on thewall of the new office, watching and learning as clients come in and out, sharing their experiences with both the Doctor and the trapped children, but will they ever escape their troublesome situation?


“Framed is a title that feels unstuck from time”


Framed is a title that feels unstuck from time, pairing Victorian mysticism and writing styles with beautiful poetry that both stands on it’s own, and brings more texture to the story itself. A truly unique title that is NOW AVAILABLE from all good stockists or directly from our website



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