Danny and the Dream Dog


By Fiona Barker
Illustrated by Howard Gray
ISBN: 9781910265659


Danny REALLY wants a dog.

He wants a dog so much that he DREAMS about them.
And a new neighbour and their four-legged friend move into the house next door, Danny’s dream comes true – almost.

Find out whether this new neighbour can help Danny achieve his dream and more in this story about finding friendship in unexpected places.

Product Description

Danny REALLY wants a dog.

He wants a dog so much that he DREAMS about them.

Danny and the Dream Dog is a book about finding friendship in unexpected places. Danny dreams of having a dog but, with Mum at work and Danny at school, Mum says they can’t have one. One day, when a new neighbour moves next door, Mum volunteers Danny to take the neighbour’s dog for a walk every day after school.
Danny dreams about the dog and can’t wait to meet him. However, this pup isn’t exactly what Danny had in mind.
The dog’s name is Max and he certainly isn’t the kind of dog Danny has been dreaming about. Max is an older dog, a little bit scruffy and a little bit smelly too. He likes to chase rabbits and gets himself into all sorts of trouble. However, Danny soon realises that whilst Max might not be his DREAM DOG he’s definitely his best friend.

About the Author

Fiona Barker is positively potty about picture books. An author and founder of the hugely successful Picture Book Club in Windsor – a regular event that connects authors, illustrators and their audiences – Fiona is constantly working on new ideas. Having self-published her first book ‘Amelie and the Great Outdoors’ (2016), Fiona has since written ‘Danny and the Dream Dog’ (Tiny Tree Children’s Books) which is due for release in 2018.

You can follow Fiona on Twitter @Fi_BGB.

About the Illustrator

Howard Gray has been putting together picture books from a very early age. Always doodling, colouring in or being creative in other ways, Howard’s passion for illustration and art continues to this day. Although his career in art was put on hold due to his studies – Howard now has a PhD and is a doctor in the field of genetics – he has been reinvigorated in recent years and uses his spare time to create wonderful artwork for children’s books.

You can follow Howard on Twitter @hwigray and on Instagram @hgray_illustrator

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