Ian Billings’ Comic Horror Anthology Acquired by Tiny Tree Books

Author Ian billings with the Tiny Tree logo on a red background.

‘Tolly Grimpen’s Tales of Grot and Horror’ is a collection of silly and scary stories for children

Illustrated by iconic cartoonist Hunt Emerson

Publishing September 2024


Tiny Tree Books is thrilled to announce the acquisition of ‘Tolly Grimpen’s Tales of Grot and Horror’ — a horrifically hilarious and rib-ticklingly terrifying anthology of scary stories from author Ian Billings. James Shaw, publisher at Tiny Tree, recently acquired worldwide rights to the short story collection following a round of open submissions. The book has been illustrated by Hunt Emerson, a British cartoonist who has previously created works for ‘The Beano’.

A strange and silly set of tales, ‘Tolly Grimpen’s Tales of Grot and Horror’ contains five self-contained stories that will make readers scream with both fright and delight. Ian Billings brings his natural comedic talent to the fore whilst revelling in all things eerie and hair-raising. The book features takes on classic scary stories, monstrous myths, and freaky folklore, it’s the perfect read in the lead-up to spooky season.

“This book is hilarious,” says James Shaw. “From the moment I read the first story, it instantly gave me a sense of nostalgia; reading similarly rotten stories in my childhood from the likes of Horrible Histories and Roald Dahl.”

Ian Billings says: “I’m utterly over the moon to be working with the stunningly brilliant folk of Tiny Tree to bring a bucket full of grot and horror to the eyes, ears and minds of children everywhere!” 

About ‘Tolly Grimpen’s Tales of Grot and Horror’

These are Tolly Grimpen’s Tales of Grot and Horror.

 Come with me if you dare and delve into the pages of this collection of horrid and chilling tales from the maniacal mind of Ian Billings, illustrated by the equally mad genius of Hunt Emerson.

 Read about the escapades of Florence Gallop as she falls victim to the Mummy’s Nail Clippings. Learn of the troubles of Doctor Jekell and the Phantom Good-Deed-Doer. Hear the frightening story of Edmund Dollop and the curse of the bewitched teeth. Marvel at the mind-reading talent of Little Bert, the Child Phenomenon. Be captivated by the musical adventure of Cyrus Phelps and the Ghoulish Gramophone. And run in terror from the mindless menace that is Uncle Clod.

 Take this warning dear reader, all of the tales inside are covered from start to finish in Grot and Horror. Make sure to wash your hands when you have finished reading them.

‘Tolly Grimpen’s Tales of Grot and Horror’ is illustrated by renowned British cartoonist Hunt Emerson. Emerson’s work has notably appeared in ‘The Beano’; where he created the ‘Ratz’ comic strip amongst other works for the iconic publication. His illustrations have appeared in countless books, graphic novels and other publications, including adaptations of classic novels and a collaboration with legendary comics writer Alan Moore. 

“Getting to work with such an accomplished illustrator as Hunt Emmerson is a joy,” adds James Shaw. “It’s wonderful when the artwork for a title perfectly reflects the written word, and Hunt has a style that just jumps at the reader and supports Billing’s story in the best way.”

Ian Billings has praised working with Hunt Emerson, saying: “Hunt has the stunning capacity to embellish my words with his own wild, madcap additions making it even better than the picture I thought of!”

‘Tolly Grimpen’s Tales of Grot and Horror’ is set for release in September 2024. 

About Ian Billings

Ian Billings was born at a very young age. He has done many things in his time and some of them he’d like to tell you about. He is an ex-juggler, a pantomime writer (fifty productions!), an actor, TV extra, a theatre technician, a university lecturer, a model and a general dabbler in many areas. 

 He has written episodes of BBC TV’s Chuckle-Vision and his stage plays and pantomimes have been performed in Wolverhampton, Northampton, Hastings, Nottingham, Weston-Super-Mare and on a ferry to Spain. He has a Masters Degree from Birmingham University and two goldfish from Petworld. He is five feet and seven inches in length and avoids cheese. 

 Ian began performing stand-up comedy for kids at Edinburgh Festival Fringe (whilst also presenting his own radio show for Festival FM!) and now he tours theatres and schools throughout the UK, Cyprus, Germany, Australia, Uganda, Kenya, Russia, Switzerland, UAE, Oman, Vietnam and Thailand. He was described by one young audience member as “the most imaginative adult I’ve ever met!”

About Hunt Emerson

Hunt Emerson is a cartoonist from Newcastle upon Tyne who has been producing art and comics since the 1970s. Illustrated in a distinctive style, Emerson’s work has notably appeared in The Beano amongst other high-profile publications.

About Tiny Tree Books

Tiny Tree is an imprint of Andrews UK Limited. From its creation, the imprint has gone from strength to strength producing high-quality picture books, junior fiction, middle-grade fiction, and YA titles. Tiny Tree looks to champion new voices and talent whilst producing unique stories for children of all ages.

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