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With just a tiny team we have managed to create a massive family. We do what we love and we love what we do!

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We publish children’s picture books and chapter books for all ages and they are all available from our main site…

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We take unsolicited submissions, but only digitally. We love to hear from new and aspriring authors and illustrators, so drop us a line!

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Who are we?

If you want to learn a little more about us and how we work then pop over to our ABOUT section and read our story.



We supply all major bookstores online and on the high street through our great Rep and Distribution team.


We publish people as much as we do books!

For the last few years we have been building our range of titles by picking what we love, both the title and the people working on it. Every contributor is a part of our family and every new book is a new member.

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We support new talent…

One of the things we are really proud of at Tiny Tree and Matthew James Publishing is the work we have done to support new and emerging talent. From students to new writers, unknown artists and newly formed teams we have been able to bring new creators into the limelight. As a publisher who accepts unsolicited manuscripts and uses unknown illustrators we hope to continue like this for many years to come.

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Supporting Independents

As a small [very small] independent publisher we are always looking for more support, and we know we are not the only ones. So, we do all we can to try and support independent bookshops and organisations wherever we can, in the hopes that we will get support in return. With smaller budgets and a smaller team we look to the community for support, and the community has been wonderful.

If you want support us then please check out our wonderful range of books over on matthewjamespublishing.com

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The great people we work with

We have been so lucky to work with some amazing authors and illustrators over the years,
here are just a few.

Russ Brown


Russ Brown is an author and primary school teacher, originally from Liverpool and now based in Cumbria. Russ has written five children’s, including The Field Feud, Monsters in My Maths Book, and Poppy’s Planet. 

Nicola Hulme


Nicola Hulme is an author and mother from Stockport. Writing as a hobby, she wrote what would become her first published work (Portia the Pear) during a writing course hosted by Joy Winkler in Tatton Park.

Michelle Hird


Michelle Hird is an author, illustrator and graphic designer. Originally from Liverpool but now based in East London, Michelle’s first children’s book, Binx, was written during her time at University and has been a passion project ever since.

Ryan Crawford


Ryan is a writer, husband, and father living in London. After breaking into publishing with Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels, his latest book – “What Can We Be?” takes those escapist concepts and channels them into a children’s picture book. 

Howard Gray


Howard has a PhD and is a doctor in the field of genetics!!  But has been reinvigorated in recent years to use his spare time and talent to create wonderful for children’s books.

Helen Marshal


Helen Marshall is an author and drama facilitator from Sheffield. Her strong connection with children comes from her work running and delivering creative workshops.

Corrine Gosling


Corrine Gosling is an author from Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Often at home working with her two English Sheepdogs Sherlock and Adler, the inspiration for her debut!

Fiona Barker


Fiona Barker is positively potty about picture books. An author and founder of the hugely successful Picture Book Club in Windsor, Fiona is constantly working on new ideas.

Latest News

Check out our blog for more information on what we are doing and details of our events and new titles.

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