Hello everyone,

At Tiny Tree Books we are dedicated to championing new talent and underrepresented voices in the children’s publishing industry. Whilst our smaller size makes it more difficult for us to compete with the largest publishers, our dedication to you and your work is unparalleled.

Our process is all about collaboration; working with an author to ensure that their book matches their vision whilst preparing it for release. Our focus is on greatness from small beginnings —  growing our reach alongside our authors (and illustrators) whilst continuing to provide a wonderful, collaborative, publishing experience to everyone that we work with.

What are we looking for?

Whilst we’re open to receiving any and all submissions, the submission guidelines below highlight some of the key things we’re looking for in new books right now.

Picture Books (Fully-Illustrated)

We are interested in fully-illustrated picture books from an author / illustrator team or individual. 

Middle-Grade / YA

We are interested in higher middle-grade and YA titles across a variety of genres. 

Submission Requirements

Your submission should be emailed to us in a Word or PDF file. No physical manuscripts will be accepted. Returns of physical manuscripts are not guaranteed. 

Please include the following alongside your manuscript:

Query Letter

This includes:

  • Full contact information (address, email, telephone number)
  • A short author biography (200 words max)
  • Title and word count of manuscript
  • A short (2-3 pages) synopsis, including the ending*
  • A short outline (200 words max) on further books planned in the series (if applicable)

Full Synopsis

For middle-grade and young adult manuscripts, please try and send a full synopsis of the book including key characters and their arcs, key themes, details of significant plot points, and the ending (500-1000 words approx). Please include the manuscript’s full word count and any details of work(s) referenced.

For picture books, a short synopsis (200 words max) should highlight any key themes and characters.

Complete Manuscript

A complete manuscript of the proposed title. Please include a cover page including the title, author’s name, contact details, and full word count, and a header and footer with the book’s title and the author’s name on each page.

Complete manuscript should be provided by email in Word or PDF format.

Please send all submissions to

Please allow 8 – 12 weeks for a response.

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