My Uncle Has Depression

by Alex Winstanley and Adam Walker-Parker

ISBN: 9781913230449

Through rhyme and engaging illustrations, My Uncle Has Depression hopes to start a conversation about depression, in order to help relieve anxieties that children might have about someone close to them who may be living with depression.

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"What a positive and powerful contribution to our understanding of a much-misunderstood illness. As a bereaved father, I am sure my son's struggle with depression was seriously hampered by the scandalous stigma surrounding mental health. Only by being open and honest from childhood can we hope to conquer the cruelty of depression."
Mike McCarthy
Media Trainer, former Sky News Bureau Chief & BBC News Presenter, Producer & Reporter
"My Uncle Has Depression is an excellent resource for all children. It highlights the importance of supporting your family, friends and teammates. I would recommend this book to all young people in the community."
Steve McCormack
Head of Welfare, Rugby League Cares

This picture book aims to raise awareness of the impact that depression can have on an individual and their family in a child-friendly and supportive way.

It is aimed at 4-11 year olds and has been inspired and informed by people with lived experiences of depression.

Through rhyme and engaging illustrations this book hopes to start conversations about depression, in order to help relieve anxieties that children might have about someone close to them who may be living with depression.

The MY HAS series of books aims to help children to understand a range of long-term health conditions whilst promoting an inclusive and diverse society.

About the Alex Winstanley

Alex Winstanley is an author, teacher, and social entrepeneur from Wigan, England. My background as a teacher, as well as a carer to young disabled adults, has shaped my outlook on the inclusion of disabled people and those with long-term health conditions across society.

Through his books, Alex aims to raise awareness of a range of long-term health conditions in a positive and supportive way for children and young people.

Alex is extremely passionate about promoting a diverse and inclusive society in which every person is valued and celebrated. Each one of Alex’s books is inspired by real people as he believes there is nothing more important than giving a voice to those with lived experience.

About the IllustratorAdam Walker-Parker

Adam Walker-Parker is an artist and illustrator represented by Lemonade Illustration Agency from the Cairngorm National Park in the High- lands of Scotand. He focuses on creating illustrations for books that are fun and engaging and that help to raise awareness of many health conditions and enjoys creating images with inclusion and diversity in mind.

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