Wolboy Jack and the Scissors of Doom

by Lee Thomas & Raluca Farcas

ISBN: 9781913230517

Wolfboy Jack and The Scissors of Doom is a story about bravery, being scared, and facing your fears. Set in the monster-filled world first established by Lee Thomas and Raluca Farcas in Molly and the Bog Sprogs.

‘Wolfboy’s here to save the day! He’s so brave!’, they sing. ‘That’s right’ he said ‘I don’t get scared. I don’t fear anything’.

But what if he does fear something? And what if he doesn’t want want to admit to it? The dashing tale of a valiant hero who, with the help of his friends, finds new ways to be brave.

About The Author

Lee Thomas is a children’s author and screenwriter from London. Lee hopes to create an exciting series of books helping children deal with everyday problems through the exploits of these mini-monsters.

His greatest audience up until now has been his daughter, Ayla (5), who has always been his inspiration.

About The Illustrator

Raluca Farcas is a Romanian illustrator based in Birmingham. She is an MA graduate from Birmingham City University.

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