Tiny Tree Acquires Middle-Grade Novel ‘Hallie and the Broken Ghost’ from Author Nadine Holland

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Tiny Tree Books is pleased to announce the acquisition of ‘Hallie and the Broken Ghost’ by author Nadine Holland. Written by author Nadine Holland, this middle-grade adventure is silly, spooky and packed with heart. The book was acquired directly from the author by Tiny Tree publisher James Shaw following a round of open submissions. ‘Hallie and the Broken Ghost’ is slated for release in August 2024.

“Reading this was a real joy,” said James Shaw, publisher at Tiny Tree Books. “ It’s full of fun but also a great story about personal growth and friendship it has a little of everything. We have wanted to work with Nadine for a while and this was a great place to start.” 

When James contacted me to say he really enjoyed Hallie and wanted to publish it I was overjoyed and incredibly grateful,” says author Nadine Holland. “I have followed James and Ant for years after seeing a live interview with Tiny Tree on social media. Their passion, exuberance and warmth won me over and I’ve been dying to work with them ever since.”

Far from a typical spooky story, ‘Hallie and the Broken Ghost’ follows the titular Hallie Collins as she moves to a new home — one that’s already occupied by a supernatural squatter and hides buried treasure. To save her new home, Hallie and the Ghost must foil an evil plan, uncover the truth about the treasure, and find a fix for what is broken.


Hallie Collins is moving again, but the new house hides more than mould and maggoty birds: this new living arrangement comes with an unexpected resident – a broken ghost, who’s not your typical, spooky apparition. 

Instead of spine-chilling scares, this spectral presence is accompanied by nervous farts, rendering his haunting attempts hilariously unsuccessful. Hallie is determined to help her new spooky sidekick, and so begins an extensive training programme to hopefully alleviate this unique condition. 

Little does she know, however, that beneath the cellar of her new home lies a buried secret waiting to be unearthed; a treasure which attracts the attention of a devious archaeologist with a penchant for arson, threatening not only Hallie but everything she holds dear. 

In order to foil the machinations of this despicable foe, Hallie comes up with a dangerous plan that will rely on fixing her newfound friend. But Hallie will stop at nothing to help her unlikely new companion and uncover the truth – even if it turns her world to ashes.

‘Hallie and the Broken Ghost’ is inspired by the author’s childhood, moving away from the town she knew and leaving her friends behind. “It took a long time for me to make new friends and trust new people,” says Nadine. “I consoled myself by reading about the paranormal and scaring myself with horror stories. So, those two things, moving and the paranormal, are inextricably linked in my mind and became the basis of ‘Hallie and the Broken Ghost’.”

A heartwarming adventure packed with charming, supernatural, silliness, ‘Hallie and the Broken Ghost’ is slated for release this summer.  Will Hallie be able to mend the broken ghost and save her home? Readers will have to wait until August 2024 to find out. We’ll have more details about the book to share soon.

About Nadine Holland

Nadine grew up in Devon in the era of leg warmers, cassette tapes and scary public information adverts. The world baffled her a bit and so she preferred to bury her nose in books and one day dreamt of becoming a writer herself – mostly so that she would finally know enough words to beat her Grandad at Scrabble.

However, life had other ideas, and Nadine became a secondary school art teacher instead; where she has spent well over a decade promoting exploration, creativity, and trying (and failing) not to get paint on her clothes. 

After her daughter was born, Nadine was drawn to the vibrant and playful world of picture books, and although she had dabbled in poetry, blogging, and flash fiction, it was in children’s literature that she finally found a home for her unquenchable urge to write.

Nadine writes smart and funny rhyming picture books and middle-grade novels that explore themes of the paranormal, mythology, and folklore; because that’s what she was obsessed with growing up. She hopes to inspire the next generation of curious children who dream of things that exist beyond the normal.

She lives in Gloucestershire, surrounded by magical hills and ancient forests, where she lives with her husband, her daughter, two silly cats, and a dog with giant ears.

About Tiny Tree Books

Tiny Tree is an imprint of Andrews UK Limited. From its creation, the imprint has gone from strength to strength producing high-quality picture books, junior fiction, middle-grade fiction, and YA titles. Tiny Tree looks to champion new voices and talent whilst producing unique stories for children of all ages.

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