Pirate Picture Book ‘The Legend of Old Captain Sue’ Lands at Tiny Tree

Photo of Ian Cartwright, author and illustrator of 'The Legend of Old Captain Sue'





Like a message in a bottle, ‘The Legend of Old Captain Sue’ has landed at Tiny Tree Books. Written and illustrated by Ian Cartwright, this silly, swashbuckling, pirate picture book will release in September 2024. Worldwide rights to the book were acquired directly from the author by Tiny Tree publisher James Shaw following a round of open submissions.

“Ian’s work is wonderfully whimsical and laugh-out-loud funny, says Tiny Tree publisher James Shaw. “Every scene is packed full of character, and it’s a story children will enjoy again and again”.

“When I got the message from James about working with Tiny Tree I was really excited,” says author and illustrator Ian Cartwright. “When I actually sat down and spoke to James properly, working with Tiny Tree seemed even better. It seems to be a really relaxed approach to making books. I’m really looking forward to seeing how things work out.” 

Told in rhyme and with some gorgeously grotesque illustrations, ‘The Legend of Old Captain Sue’ will entertain children of all ages. A swashbuckling adventure, the story follows Old Captain Sue on one last hunt for buried treasure. And, of course, this adventure doesn’t go to plan. Packed with pugnacious pirates, massive monsters, and a strong sense of humour, ‘The Legend of Old Captain Sue’ is a tale that won’t be forgotten.

About ‘The Legend of Old Captain Sue’

This is a story, and it’s definitely true, of a bad greedy pirate called Old Captain Sue. With an old wooden leg and a hook for a hand, she’d pretty much failed at all that she planned. But one last adventure before she’s too old, there was a rumour abound of some far away gold.

A greedy old pirate should always be careful when searching for booty. You never know what might be lurking in the water!

Follow Sue on her journey to find buried treasure in this hilarious, colourful, revolting, rhyming, and completely believable story.

“I’ve always loved Pirates so I thought I’d write a pirate story,” says author and illustrator Ian Cartwright. “There was never really a message that I wanted to get across. It was just meant as a bit of fun. I guess the story goes without saying that if you’re a mean and bad person things won’t work out for you.”

‘The Legend of Old Captain Sue’ washes ashore in September 2024. We’ll have more details about the book to share soon.

About Ian Cartwright

Ian Cartwright is an author, and illustrator from Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. He studied Scientific and Natural History Illustration at university and transitioned into working as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. Ian has worked as a tattoo artist since 2012.

About Tiny Tree Books

Tiny Tree is an imprint of Andrews UK Limited. From its creation, the imprint has gone from strength to strength producing high-quality picture books, junior fiction, middle-grade fiction, and YA titles. Tiny Tree looks to champion new voices and talent whilst producing unique stories for children of all ages.

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