Tiny Tree Welcomes in 256 Moose! | ‘Too Many Moose’ Published August 15th

A Silly Singing Picture Book. 

Fun For All The Family…All 256 Of Them!


Since opening our children’s submission at Tiny Tree Books we have been astounded by the amount of amazing authors that have come forward with wonderful stories. We are seeing authors from around the world take an interest and want to be a part of our catalogue of children’s picture books, which is expanding weekly. 

We are thrilled to welcome ‘Too Many Moose’ … 256 to be exact! Created by acclaimed and multi-award-winning American folk singer/songwriter Kathy Sherman and illustrator Torey Butner, ‘Too Many Moose’ is a fun and silly story about the biggest family gathering you’re ever likely to see. 

A story that started out as a song, author Kathy Sherman explained that it soon became apparent that it has ‘enough legs’ to become a children’s book…Illustrator and co-creator Torey Butner said; “It is always a wonderful time working with Kathy and getting to bring her lyrics to life was a moose-tacular experience… I had a great time illustrating a world where moose family reunions exist.” 

About Too Many Moose

A rip-roaring moose family reunion picture book starring one extremely surprised host and exactly 256 moose (no more, no less). 

How many moose is too many moose? Two? Four? Eight? Sixteen? What happens when a herd of moose invites themselves over? 

“I am really excited to see ‘Too Many Moose’ become an actual book!” says Kathy. “I have to thank Torey for pushing through the process and making the book a reality, all I had to do was write.” 

Torey adds. “I would love for readers to go on this whirlwind journey, enjoy the illustrations, and maybe learn a little moose math along the way.“ She continues: “We wanted a publisher that understands the importance of books and music together and shares our passion of creating for families. Tiny Tree is definitely that publisher and is a great home for ‘Too Many Moose!’.

‘Too Many Moose’ continues Tiny Tree’s commitment to publishing the best and brightest new talent in the world of children’s picture books. As the imprint increasingly expands its offerings with middle-grade and young adult titles, picture books remain central to what Tiny Tree does. We are actively seeking submissions from both established and emerging authors, welcoming a diverse range of pitches for new and exciting picture books.

‘Too Many Moose’ will be published on August 15th 2024.

About Kathy Sherman

With two albums recommended by the Parent’s Choice Awards, winner of Mom’s Choice Awards and winner of the Creative Kids Awards, Kathy’s extensive music career has touched hearts of all ages.

For more decades than she cares to admit, Kathy has played in small folk clubs and cafes and has been able to observe the joy that music, especially songs from the forgotten past, brings out in people. In most cultures, these are the songs that are passed down from generation to generation. These are the songs that are sung around campfires, on front porches, in houses of worship and at political rallies. These are the songs of community. These are folk songs.

About Torey Butner

Torey Butner is a San Francisco-based illustrator & writer whose work is influenced by her love of good food that fills the belly and adventure driven by unexplained mysteries. When she isn’t working, her time is split between volunteering at The Marine Mammal Center, pampering her cats and making comics.

About Tiny Tree Books

Tiny Tree is an imprint of Andrews UK Limited. From its creation, the imprint has gone from strength to strength producing high-quality picture books, junior fiction, middle-grade fiction, and YA titles. Tiny Tree looks to champion new voices and talent whilst producing unique stories for children of all ages.

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