B.B. Taylor’s Shadowy YA Thriller ‘Running’ Acquired by Tiny Tree

Author B.B. Taylor and the Tiny Tree logo

The debut YA from prolific author B. B. Taylor

A Shadowy YA Thriller Influenced by Classic Spy Novels and Dystopian Sci-Fi

Publishing November 2024


Tiny Tree Books is pleased to announce the acquisition of ‘Running’; a brand-new novel for young adults from author B.B. Taylor. The story of a young girl on the run from a shadowy organisation turning children into assassins, ‘Running’ was acquired by Tiny Tree publisher James Shaw following a round of open submissions. Worldwide rights to the title have been secured. ‘Running’ is set for release in November 2024.

B.B. Taylor says: “‘Running’ is a dark fast-paced story that drags you along for the ride and I hope you enjoy the jump into darkness with me. It’s time to Run!”

James Shaw says: “As a debut in the world of YA for the author I was really impressed. ‘Running’ is a fast-paced rollercoaster of friendship, family and betrayal. The characters were easy to connect with and the mix between frenetic action and deep story development kept pulling me through. There were so many twists and turns it would be easy to go off track and lose momentum, but BB managed to keep the flow whilst keeping me guessing.”

About ‘Running’ by B.B. Taylor

Mairi has been running for as long as she can remember, but from whom and for what reason eludes her as much as her missing past. Her search for answers leads her to a dark secret: a shadowy program that turns children into killers. Just as she joins forces with an elite government task force, an attack forces her to start running again and when she risks her life to save an agent she finds herself wounded and facing new dangers.

After her recovery, Mairi decides that the only way to be free is to take down those responsible for her troubled past. But her journey reveals shocking connections and unimaginable sacrifices. As her allies close in on her trail Mairi makes a choice that changes everything, leaving her friends scrambling to uncover what really happened and whether they can stop it from happening again.

“‘Running’ has been in the making for the best part of a decade and is the first ever YA book I was inspired to write”

“I am so excited to be back working with the Tiny Tree team on something so completely different to ‘The Vigilante Tooth Fairy’,says the author. A fast-paced and action-packed YA thriller, ‘Running’ starkly contrasts the fairytale-like fantasy that first saw Tiny Tree and B.B. Taylor working together. ‘Running’ is a much darker and grittier story, influenced by the author’s love of spy fiction novels like Robert Ludlum’s ‘The Bourne Identity’ with B.B. also citing dystopian sci-fi television series Dark Angel’ as a huge influence on the book.

“‘Running’ has been in the making for the best part of a decade and is the first ever YA book I was inspired to write,” says Taylor. “It explores themes of identity, finding yourself and fighting for freedom. It is a dark story, but sometimes I think we need the darker stories in our lives to show us how strong we can truly be. Growing up in inner-city Birmingham in a very working-class area I want to show young people that they are stronger than they think and capable of anything if they want it enough. Run towards your dreams and fight for them with everything you’ve got. The path may not be always light, but the dark can show you just exactly what you’re made of.”

‘Running,’ is a captivating addition to our growing young adult (YA) catalog. As part of our strategic expansion into the YA market, we are committed to introducing more YA titles throughout 2025 and beyond. We are actively seeking submissions from both established and emerging authors, welcoming a diverse range of pitches that resonate with the varied experiences of young adults today. This initiative underscores Tiny Tree’s dedication to providing a broad spectrum of YA stories, from contemporary slice-of-life stories, to fantastical adventures, and everything in between.

‘Running’ by B.B. Taylor will be released in November 2024.

About B.B. Taylor

B B Taylor is a professional daydreamer and superhero in training who has been writing for children for years. With an MA in writing for children and young people from Bath Spa University and a thirst for adventure, B.B. Taylor is a beloved member of the children’s books community and a huge supporter of her fellow authors. B.B. also runs a successful bookshop and community space and can always be found anywhere you find something geeky or fun.

About Tiny Tree Books

Tiny Tree is an imprint of Andrews UK Limited. From its creation, the imprint has gone from strength to strength producing high-quality picture books, junior fiction, middle-grade fiction, and YA titles. Tiny Tree looks to champion new voices and talent whilst producing unique stories for children of all ages.

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